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2030-11-12 02:51 pm
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robinnTimothy Jackson (Drake) Wayne
AKA: Robin, Red Robin

 "Batman needs a Robin."

The son of one of the wealthy Gotham elite families, Tim grew up idolizing Batman and Robin.  A smart boy, Tim's strength was always in study and practice.  While the rest of the kids at school went to parties and hung out, Tim spent his nights following Gotham's Dark Knight and Boy Wonder through the city. He witnessed Batman's transformation from thoughtful vigilante to a man unhinged after Batman's second Robin, Jason Todd, was killed at the hands of the Joker.  Tim stepped in, revealing himself to Bruce Wayne, and took up the mantle of Robin after intensive training.  After his own parents died, Bruce took Tim in, adopting him as his son.

That's where Tim's biography ends and where our story begins.

[]Tim can be played 12-19 for RP scenes.][I like playing him in various universes, based on who I'm writing with: mainly, pre-reboot DCU, Teen Titans, and Young Justice (2011)[]
[]Tim is bisexual, but very, very, very much in the closet[]
[]Tim is best at detective work and scientific analysis, but he's been trained in martial arts by Batman, Nightwing, and Lady Shiva to name a few[]
[]I'd be willing to play him as Red Robin, but I prefer him as Robin.[]
[]Contact me at birdversus AT gmail or via comments to play privately; otherwise, have at him! Backtagging is always welcome.[]
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2013-03-05 10:04 am
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[OOC: How's my driving?]

[Leave a message here, anon or logged in, and let me know how I'm doing. I appreciate constructive criticism as much as compliments. Anything I can do to make Tim a more well-rounded or believable version of the character, feel free to let me know.]